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'Will Ferrell Surprises Snoop Dogg with Heartfelt Birthday Tribute' Snoop Dogg has been a trailblazer in the world of music and entertainment for decades, and his birthday this week was made extra special when actor and comedian Will Ferrell gave him a surprise tribute. The surprise came during an MTV Unplugged performance from Snoop Dogg, when Ferrell appeared on the stage to congratulate him on his birthday. Ferrell, who is a longtime fan of the rapper, spoke about how much he admired Snoop's success throughout the years and even gave him a hug. Ferrell's warm words and genuine affection seemed to bring out the best in Snoop Dogg, who was visibly touched by the gesture. “Thank you so much,” said Snoop. “You made my birthday even more special.” The two took a few moments to embrace one another, and then returned to the performance. Both men could be seen smiling, and those in the audience could feel the special moment that had occurred. It was clear that this surprise had meant a lot to Snoop Dogg, and a memorable way to mark his birthday.